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Welcome to the Caravan Challenge in the Virtual World! This friendly competition is a solo decorating challenge AND a photo challenge with friends. Participants must register to compete in the event with their friends. Read the Caravan Challenge Overview for a full explanation of the event.

Below you will find a preview of the instructions that will be provided to registered participants on the day of the event. If you want to play you have to register prior to the start of the event. There are only 30 available competitor spots in the challenge. Registration is first-come, first-serve for the event.

“Best of luck to all of our competitors. May the odds be ever in your favor!” – Pyrena 


You have one hour to complete the Caravan Challenge. You are allowed 20 minutes to decorate your assigned 10-drop caravan Lot located at the Aurora Highway Rest Stop. For the second part of the competition you will have 40 minutes to complete 5 photo tasks with your friends. When you have completed your mission, upload the photos to your Facebook page and tag the There Facebook page (@ThereVirtualWorld). All registered participants will be entered into a dice roll at the awards ceremony for a chance to win one of the caravans on display at the event. The ten registered Caravan Challenge competitors must be present at the awards ceremony to roll the dice for the grand prize. 

Caravan Challenge Requirements

  1. Premium Membership
  2. 10 decorative virtual home and garden items in your inventory
  3. Facebook Account – Like the There Virtual World Facebook page.
  4. Three or more friends to help you with the photo challenge. They can be Silent & Basic Trial accounts.


Registered Participant Gift (10 per event) – 12-Seater Campfire
Registered Participant Rolls Lowest Number On Dice Roll – Choice of Caravan on display.  Challenger must be present at the awards ceremony dice roll for the chance to win.
Bonus Gift to Participant – Screen grab posted to Facebook with the most avatars present in a Caravan Challenge photo task will win a special prize. Photo will be chosen after all three Caravan Challenge events have ended and all participants have posted to Facebook. The special gift will be dropped into the winner’s inventory and announced  on the There Facebook page within a few days after the completion of the challenge.


All of your Buddies who help participate in the photo portion of the Caravan Challenge will receive a free drink. Friends who are shy and don’t want to have their picture taken, but would rather sit around the campfire and watch the shenanigans will also be gifted a free drink for enjoying the event as a spectator.  There is a maximum capacity of 100 Avatars at the Caravan Challenge events.

Join the Event Invites List IM to keep in communication with the Event Host and Co-Host during the competition.  You’ll need to join the group to be able to use the IM. The Caravan Challenge Event Host will use text chat to communicate with all participants,  but will be capable of hearing Voice for those participants who prefer to speak in real-time instead of text chat. You are welcome to use Voice, but please make sure to report the completion of your Caravan Challenge tasks in the Group IM using text chat so that there is a record for the competition.

There are 3 Events in the 2-Hour Caravan Challenge
1. Participant Pre-Gaming Event – Private 30-minute event with Hosts and participants to cover challenge guidelines and questions.
2. Caravan Challenge – 1 hour-long event open to your group of friends and spectators.
3. Awards Ceremony – 30 minute event open to everyone. Attendees will tour newly decorated caravans. 10 Participants will roll the dice for caravan grand prize.



Registered Participant Pre-Gaming Event (30 Minutes)

1. Go to your assigned caravan Lot.
2. Come up with a name for your team.
3. Set a 1-Hour Event for the designated time.
-Event Title: Caravan Challenge (Your Avatar Name)
-Event Description: “Week # of Caravan Challenge. Come out to support (Team Name) during the Caravan Challenge!
4. Send invites to your buddies and appropriate Clubs to help build up your photo challenge team.

Caravan Challenge Event (60 Minutes)

Part 1 – Solo Decorating Challenge (Registered Participants Only)
1. Decorate your caravan using 10 drops. You can decorate the inside, outside or both.
2. Complete decorating your Lot within 20 minutes.3. Announce in the Event Invites List IM when you have completed decorating your Lot using text chat.
3. Save Layout – Members are encouraged to leave their layouts out till the next Caravan Challenge Event for people to enjoy. Save your layout in case there is a There Quake and you need to reload it before the next challenge event.

***You can begin the photo challenge portion as soon as you finish decorating. You do not have to wait till the allotted 20 minute decorating time is over.


Part 2 – Photo Challenge With Friends (Anyone can help!)
1. Get three or more friends to help you. Silent Trials and Basic Trials are welcome to participate in the photo challenge. They will earn a free drink for participating.
2. Read the 5 photo tasks carefully and make sure to include all required props and emotes. You can find Item Dispensers with the props needed for the photo challenge in the Aurora Highway Caravan Event Lot. The registered participant must be present in all photos with name tags turned on.

Ready for your photo challenge?!

PHOTO TASK #1 – Pose with the gang outside of your newly decorated caravan. Do a TRY IT with the Grape Stomp Prop. Make sure everyone has a barrel of grapes to stomp their frustrations out in. On the count of ‘3 everyone does the ‘JIG emote and the photographer captures the moment.

PHOTO TASK #2 – Sit down at the Cracked Game table next to your caravan. Start a round of Cracked. You can play the round if you have enough time or just let the timer run out so the little chick cracks open under pressure. Take a group photo with the cracked egg at the game table AND snap a picture of the avatar holding the little chickadee. Make sure to get his cute little face in the picture.

PHOTO TASK #3 – Make friends with the horses. The cool kids are encouraged to wear western outfits and cowboy hats. Find the best acrobat in your troupe and have them perform a ‘HANDSTAND on top of a horse. At the same time your star tumbler is upside down, the rest of your crew emotes the ‘GIDDYUP dance move. Pics or it didn’t happen!

PHOTO TASK #4 – Word on the street from the neighboring Aurora Gulch community is that there is a wild stampede of bison roaring through populated parts of the Aurora Highway. Travelers passing through camp yesterday said their donkey got spooked from the thundering sound of the bison stampede. The poor donkey ran off hee-haw’ing down the highway with three days worth of food and their last roll of toilet paper. Tell your regulators to mount up, because it’s time to let those ranching and rodeo skills shine! Capture a photo of your posse riding a stampede of bison through the middle of the caravan camp. There are several herds out roaming the Neighborhood.

Please note, vehicles will be turned off in the hood to allow the maximum occupancy of 100 avatars for the event. You will not be able to drop a herd of bison hoverboat in the Neighborhood. Have your crew ride the herds of bison that are already out on stampede in the Neighborhood.

PHOTO TASK #5 – The Aurora Highway Rest Stop bathrooms have been rated 5 stars by the Thereian Transportation Agency for the past decade. Aurora caravans and travelers can count on the rest area being clean and well stocked with the “good kind” of toilet paper. The Aurora Parks and Rec Department have been able to maintain bathroom supplies for the busy rest stop location despite mass hysteria toilet paper shortages reported on the Islands of Caldera, Kansas and Nada. This last photo challenge requires your crew to steal all of the toilet paper out of the rest stop bathrooms. Yes, you get a roll of TP and you get a roll of TP and YOU get a roll of TP! EVERYBODY GETS A ROLL OF TP! To commemorate your crew’s shenanigans, cram as many of your friends as you can into the two outhouses at the Aurora Highway Caravan Events Lot. Hold your roll of stolen  toilet paper (use the Try It option) and snap a picture of the crew throwing up a ‘HOLE emote sign. Made you look! ‘rofl

Posting Photo Tasks to Social Media
1. Edit and crop your photos so that the background of your desktop is not showing. Make sure to turn your compass off and remove anything else that may be on your screen.
2. Create a post on your Facebook page and upload the photo tasks. Make sure to tag the Facebook page @ThereVirtualWorld in your post so that we can Like and Share it to our page.
3. In your post description tell us about your experience participating in the Caravan Challenge and mention how many years you have been playing in There.
4. Tag your friends who helped participate in the photo challenge if they have a Facebook account.
5. Post your Caravan Challenge to your Facebook page.
6. Text chat in the Events Invite Group IM that you are finished when you have completed the decoration challenge and all photo tasks have been posted to your Facebook account.

Caravan Challenge Awards (30 Minutes)

Registered Participants must be present at the awards ceremony dice roll for a chance to win the caravan prize.
1. Roll the dice and attempt to get the lowest possible score on the 20-sided dice to win. If there is a tie, roll again until there is a clear winner.

Thank you for participating in the Caravan Challenge! Best of luck to you at the competition. If you enjoy this event, we encourage you to get creative and host your own events in the Virtual World of There. People around the world right now want to connect online with others and is a great 3-D Virtual World environment to socialize and play in with friends. Help spread the word on social media and by inviting your friends!

Caravan Challenge Overview

Caravan Challenge Registration

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